i wanna a cool tumblr group of friends that i can skype and text but i am such an asshole o


i think i missed that part in my childhood where i was supposed to have a cute boy as my best friend growing up and then we would end up falling in love i want a do over 

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Birthday: March 23rd
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5’1
Time Zone: EEST
Time and Date Where You Are: 21:06, 29.8.2014
Average Hours of Sleep: 7-8 hour
OTP’s: -
Last Thing I Googled: niinkuin vai niin kuin
First Word That Comes Mind: duck
Last Thing Said to a Family Member: doesn’t matter
A Place That Makes You Happy and Why: any forest cause I love them
How Many Blankets Do You Sleep Under: one
Favorite Beverage: water

Last Movie Seen In The Cinema: What if

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Fit not thin means training to have a fit body, to have strength, to have agility and not training like a mad person to be thin. Magazines generally use very skinny models for fashion to promote their brands. So it’s inevitable girls are going to think they have to look a certain way. But I’m one of the ambassadors for making girls realise that that’s not the case… I’m an ambassador for being fit and healthy.

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Random Finnish word: Hurme


Hurme means blood, it’s not a common word. Veri is used mostly when talking about blood in general. But some positive and even romantic words have a bit hurme-blood in them:

Hurmaava - Charming, enchanting
Hurmata - To seduce, charm

It could have been that back in the days Finns described the feeling of love literally to cause blood rushing and blushing… Which is quite cute.

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